Scoil Mhuire’s Got Talent

We had our annual talent show in the hall where one act was chosen from each class to preform on stage. We held auditions in the classroom where there were many acts to chose from making it a very difficult decision.

The ‘Lucha Dragons’ were selected to perform singing along to ‘The Shape of You’ by Ed Sheeran and one boy played along on the drums. They did a fantastic job. Take a look at the video of the performance.

‘The Lucha Dragons’

Here are some pictures of the acts from other classes.

Running in the Park

The big girls have been taking part in a Marathon counting all the different kilometres they do each day to add up to the length of a marathon.

They were going to the park to finish the last kilometre of the marathon and we got to join them afterwards. We walked to the park and ran laps around the field. We then got to have a rest and a treat. It was a super day.

Clay Medals

After all our hard work in Senior Infants, we deserve a medal. We made our own medals and choose the design and colour. They look great!! Well done Super Senior Infants.

Drumming Workshop

We went to the hall for a drumming workshop. We were using lots of different drums and percussion instruments. We were copying patterns and rhythms. Some children were lucky enough to dance along to the music.


One of the boys brought his drumsticks and practise pad to show the rest of the class. He showed us his book from his classes and the rhythms he could play.


Sports Day

We had our Junior Sports Day on 25th May. It was a beautiful day. There were lots of different stations in the field and we were in our groups from active week. We also got to use the parachute in the hall with Ms. Gelens. It was a fantastic day.

Easter Egg Hunt

Before the Easter holidays we got a letter from the Easter Bunny. He left some clues for us to follow. We did a great job reading each clue to find the next one. We did a great job and found all the clues which were hidden around the Convent Garden. There was some treats for us with the last clue.  It was a lot of fun.

Clay Pinch Pots

We were using clay to make a Pinch Pot. We got a chance to play with the clay – pinching it, rolling it, pulling it, squeezing it, stretching it and having fun with it. Then we rolled the clay into a ball. We stuck in our thumb and pinched it out to make our pot.

Once the clay had dried we painted them with our favourite colours.

During our Egg hunt we found some eggs and chicks to fit in the pots. They look fantastic.

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